Integration and Optimisation

Arc2 group help their customers during the critical phases of Network Element Integration, First Tuning and Optimisation with the following portfolio:

  • Datafill – Preparing integrations scripts from parameter specification guaranteeing the absence of inconsistencies and wrong values in the lists, for a smooth upload and integration of each element.
  • Remote Integration Centre – Working with the field teams to coordinate, upload and supervise the integration of all elements.
  • Single Site Verification (SSV) – Preparing the tests, scripts and, if necessary, doing the post integration tests. Our team will prepare a fast report to identify critical issues like, crossed feeders, Low Power issues, Handover failures, low throughput, drop calls… so the I&C teams can identify the issue and being corrected. After that a proper report will be issued together with the monitoring of the main KPI’s.
  • Drive Tests – Flexibility and reliability in our tests guarantees the success of the field measurements to be uses for analysis, reporting or troubleshooting by the Optimisation Engineers.

  • Optimisation – Arc2 Group could provide excellent Optimisation Engineers and also the management of all the activities to improve the efficiency of the network based on the targets of our customers.

Site Acquisition

Our dedicated team have extensive knowledge and experience in acquisition and all its components to provide optimal set of sites following the customer criteria.

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Planning and Design

Specialised in Topological Planning and Design, Dimensioning and Forecast, Network Realisation and Scripting to identify the new elements and prepare the Network for them.

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Integration & Optimisation

Working close to our customer to guarantee the proper integration and commissioning of the new elements and first tuning actions

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Operations & Maintenance

Covering preventing and corrective maintenance plans, day by day operations to monitor the Network Elements and their optimal performance

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